Monday 15 June 2009
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Just Dial Free International Calls from MegaCalls

MegaCalls has launched Just Dial FREE. With Just Dial Free you can make FREE international calls using your inclusive mobile minutes to many countries overseas. This works with only some Orange, and T-Mobile plans and most Virgin pay monthly mobiles. If you have run out of free bundled minutes, then calls to the Just Dial Free 07744 access number are typically charged at your standard mobile to mobile rates.

If you have an O2 mobile phone, you used to be able call 0844 access numbers free using your inclusive mobile minutes. However, you should now use the SMS Card if you are calling using an O2 Mobile.

0844 access numbers are great for calling from landlines. To find out if there is an 0844 access number for the country you are calling, please click here.

To see if there is an 07744 access number for the country you are calling, please select the country from the list below.

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